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Going boldly into 2020

Floral prints, statement sofas and bold bathrooms; as promised in my last blog post, here is an in depth look at the new styles and trends within the world of interiors for 2020..........

Natural materials - Going into this new decade, something that is very welcome to see is the use of more sustainable materials instead of plastic. Rattan is certainly an example of this as it offers a lightweight and inexpensive alternative to synthetic furniture and also proving to be popular in home accessories and storage solutions.

Green is the new grey - For the past decade grey, in all it’s shades, has been the go to colour and although it isn’t going to disappear completely, pale green is now becoming increasingly popular. Warmer shades such as peach, oatmeal and pink have been gradually replacing grey to create a more natural palette and pale green has now become quite on trend, tying in with the current preoccupation with plants and nature. This shift in colour trends has been showcased by Du…

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